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Blank PVC Cards


Paclin’s High-Quality Blank PVC Cards
We offer blank plastic cards including black coloured VIP cards, round-cut white cards, magnetic stripe cards, adhesive-back cards, and gold/silver holopatch cards. We guarantee all of our blank PVC card options are compatible with any card printer. They can be self-printed with graphics, logos, text, and other things based on your requirements, whether you need it for your school, business, event, or club. We also offer customised plastic cards to meet the growing needs of your business.

Blank Cards for ID Printing and More
• Our cards support outstanding printouts
• Classic blank line available in 30mil (0.76mm) thickness
• High quality and high durability
• Package: 250Pcs per box
• Print durable, professional-looking cards

We always have blank cards in stock to offer you a quick delivery time. With our customised polyvinyl chloride cards, you get printed cards in custom shapes, colors, designs, and sizes. We also have a variety of plastic card printers with us, so you can buy a printer and blank cards and print them yourself as per your needs.

When you buy plastic cards and rent card printers from Paclin, we can guarantee you that you will always receive consistent quality and durability. Let’s talk to discuss your needs.