Customised Lanyard Printing

Excellent print quality for your lanyards
to boost your business brand

Full color edge to edge dye sublimation printing technology

Ensures a perfect card every time

Full color edge to edge dye sublimation printing technology

Ensures a perfect card every time

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Why choose Paclin?

Dream it. Print it.

  • Professionalism: When people choose wearable ID solutions (RFID, name cards, staff pass, lanyards, name tags), it is usually designed with the company’s colours and logo. These ID solutions are then worn by the employees which sets a certain tone of uniformity and professionalism.
  • Branding: Depending on the design of your ID solutions, it can become a powerful branding tool for your company. Apart from the employee’s name, the company’s logo and colours are seen by others and this is great exposure that will subtly help with your company’s marketing efforts.
  • Loyalty: Using ID solutions will help customers easily recognize who is assisting them and put your employees on first-name basis with them. This often creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that allows customers to know the people that work there and build on a sense of belonging. This in turn builds loyalty and results in a higher likelihood of returning business.
  • Customer service: For employees, especially those who work with the public, their name is out there for everyone to see. With their reputation on the line, as well as the company’s, there is a tendency to perform of a higher quality and they will most likely try harder to provide good customer service.

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We are the leading card manufacturer in Singapore and offer an extensive array of printing services to suit your needs. Some of these services include card printers, lanyards, netsflash pay cards, customised ez-link, and more! Check out more here


ID Card Printers

At Paclin we supply a whole range of Card Printers to suit any and every customers' printing needs. Click here to see our selection of ID Card Printers.

Card Printing

Our strength as a local card manufacturer allows us to keep price affordable, lead time short, and good quality control. Click here to see our card printing services.

Event Registration Solution

Customisable visitor management system to cater to your security access control needs

Question and answers

Asked Questions

How to ensure the longevity of my ID card printer?

Regular maintenance that encompasses cleaning and servicing is crucial to the prevention of internal damage, printhead damage, ensures consistent print quality & productivity. To find out more, please click here

Purchasing a card printer vs Paclin printing your cards for you. Which is more appropriate for my needs?

We are just a call / email away! Drop us an enquiry here and let our team get back to you within 2 working days to guide you to your dream printing solution

What is your lead time for card printing?

Our production generally takes 7 to 10 working days upon your confirmation of artwork.

I think there is something wrong with the card printer, what should I do?

Fear not! We have a dedicated Technical Department to assist you. Drop by our office, give us a call or email us to arrange for our Technical Engineers to give a diagnostic check for your machine. For more information, click here

Do your card printers come with Warranty?

Yes they do. Please click here for the full warranty terms and conditions. You can also contact us at or 67429255 to find out more.

I need to have the cards printed urgently! Can you rush for us?

DEFINITELY. We understand your stress and stand out from others due to our in-house production team, which allows you to get a shorter lead time. Depending on the current jobs we have on hand, we may be able to expedite your order at an additional fee. Drop us an enquiry here or contact us at or 67429255

The items that I want are not on your website. Do you sell/provide these products/services?

We offer an extensive array of products/ services that makes it not possible to list on our website. To find out more, drop us an enquiry here or contact us at or 67429255, we may be able to fulfil your order.

Can we see a demo of the equipment we are purchasing?

Sure! Let us come to you. We will be glad to arrange for our salesperson to visit you for the demo, or you can visit our office at the address here.

Can we trade in our old printers when purchasing new ones from you?

YES! Paclin offers a trade in programme and we take in all brands of printers! Check out the range of printers we offer here . Alternatively, drop us an enquiry here and we will get back to you within 2 working days.

I need to reorder some items, but I have forgotten the product name and code.

Don’t worry, if you have made the purchase from Paclin, we will have your records. If not, let us help you out. Drop us an enquiry here