Customers who encounter difficulty in using our printers will have to bring their machine as well as consumables, power adaptor to the following location for servicing:


2 Sims Cl, #02-04 Gemini@Sims, Singapore 387298

Tel: (65) 6742 9255


Mondays to Fridays: 9am to 6pm

We are closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

Nearest MRT: Aljunied Station (10 min walking distance)



*Paclin consumables include ink cartridge, dye films, cards etc.

*Please note that it is required to bring the machine, consumable, and proof of purchase to our service centre for accurate diagnosis

Warranty details by product type

  XID 8100 XID8300
Printer warranty 24 months 24 months
Printhead Cover period
*Limited to one printhead change
Lifetime Lifetime
Minimum cleaning frequency
*Please check with Paclin for more
details on equipment’s care and
mandatory care equipment
Every 1,000 cards
At least once a month
Every 1,000 cards
At least once a month
Fan Filter Cleaning Every 10,000 printed cards
At least once a year
Every 10,000 printed cards
At least once a year
Wearable parts
*Wearable parts are elements of the
printer which requires periodic
maintenance, linked to the use of the
machine. The limited warranty for
wearable parts is six (6 months) from
the original date of purchase.
- Printhead
- Head Roller
- Bend Remedy
- Cleaning Roller
- Platen Roller
- Printhead
- Heat Roller
- Bend Remedy
- Cleaning Roller
- Platen Roller

Limited warranty

Matica products will confirm to the manufacturing specifications of Matica and will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period under the conditions specified in the table above

Warranty starts from the date of the invoice. To benefit from this warranty, customer shall provide when requested by Paclin, the product invoice on where the purchase date and the product description and serial number are stated.

Paclin reserves the right to refuse the application of the warranty if these documents are not valid, provided as requested or if conditions giving rights to this warranty are not met. For Paclin to repair, replace or proceed with reimbursement of the product, the customer shall return the product according to the terms and procedures set forth herein.

In the event that the products show a manufacturing or functional defect during the warranty period and insofar as all of the maintenance conditions have complied with by the customer (especially acting in compliance with the instructions mentioned in the equipment manual), Paclin undertakes at its own discretion, either to repair or replace the product at no cost to the customer, insofar that the customer cannot carry out themselves and is subject to this warranty.

Paclin reserves the right to replace defective product components by parts or products that are new or reconditioned at the factory. A product that has been repaired or replaced is granted with a warranty until the end of the original product warranty period and will not benefit from any original warranty extension period. The parts or products used for the repair of the original product have a warranty of 6 months (if it is a wearable part) or benefits of a warranty until the end of the warranty period of the original product (if it is not a wearble part) as detailed in the table above.

Warranty limitations and exclusions

Paclin will not consider any warranty claim if the product name of the serial number has been altered, made illegible, deleted, or removed from the product.

Warranty claims will not be considered by Paclin if the product has not been properly maintained or ceases to function due to:

  • Installation instructions mentioned in the product manual not being properly followed.
  • Printer and/or printing head cleaning cycle not performed according to the instructions as mentioned in the printer manual.
  • The use of non-genuine Matica Consumables
  • The use of consumables that are not approved by Paclin and might affect the overall printing, encoding and laminating quality and the product lifespan.
  • Any product modification.
  • Any firmware change or update.
  • The use of cards not sold by Paclin.
  • Inappropriate product return (packaging or transport conditions) leading to product integrity issues. It is strongly recommended to keep the original packaging to manage potential return.
  • Damage caused by catastrophes such as fire, flood or storm, including lightning and other external forces and effects.
  • Damage caused by accidents, liquid, chemical products and other substances, excessive heat, inadequate ventilation, electrical overload, excessive or inadequate electrical supply.
  • Technical modifications or repair attempts carried out by third parties other than Paclin.
  • Not receiving servicing at the minimum frequency by Paclin as indicated in the table above

The customer bears all costs of transport and diagnosis in case the defect cannot be identified by Paclin.

If Paclin is unable to repair the product, a replacement or a refurbished product shall be delivered if functionalities and performance complies with the ones of the original product.

Printers no longer covered by warranty

Printers outside the warranty period may still be repaired at the cost to the customer. If a non-warranty chargeable repair is required and agreed a quotation will be submitted to the customer for approval and payment prior to commencement of any work.

Paclin recommends either a trade-in for a brand-new printer or a maintenance service contract to ensure the longevity of the printer.