SOLID 700 - Paclin



Solid 700 is a high-performance large capacity ID card printer designed by the unique modular concept that can support various printer configurations to meet different user requirements. 500 cards can be continuously printed, laminated and encoded on various cards. Solid 700 card printing machine consists of 6 different modules (Input Hopper, Printer, Hybrid Module, Flipper, Laminator, Output Hopper) that can be configured in
the dual side printing (510D), and to dual side printing with lamination (510L). The core spirit of a card printer is its print quality, print speed and stability. This ID card printer increases print speed up to by 10%, enhances print quality by optimizing precise ribbon movement, and provides faster processing speed by utilizing a new powerful CPU.
various combinations according to different customer requirements. Required modules can be easily added to extend functions depending on your needs.

SOLID 700 Brochure