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Event Badge Printing


Custom Event Badges
Whether it is a business event, a trade show, an annual convention, or any festival, it is important to ensure everyone is looking professional and organised with event badges. We do event badge printing to help organisers enhance their brand image and provide attendees with a memorable, stress-free experience.
Depending on your needs, we do multiple versions of event badge printing with personalisation, custom shapes, logos, graphics, scannable codes, or photos for identification. We can print your event badges before your event day. Our designed badges will help you earn the trust and attention of attendees and other VIP people.

Make Your Event Badges
Creating eye-catching, professional event badges are our specialty. Here is what we suggest to create great event badges that will make your brand shine.
• Create personalised badges for organisers, hosts, attendees, press members, and VIP guests.
• Evoke exclusivity by using good colours, font size, and badge material.
• Use custom printed lanyards with your event badges.
• Use the back of the badges to inform attendees about the agenda or event program.
• Add sponsor names, your logo, graphics, and event name.

If you’re organising an event, you can count on us to print your badges. Let us help you strengthen business relationships and improve the event experience as a whole through our custom printing services.