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Cookies Policy

PACLIN wishes to inform users of the following information. Please take a few moments to read the following pages each time you connect to this site as they are subject to changes.

Paclin is committed to delivering the best possible service to you and we wish to maintain the confidence placed in us by providing clear information on how we use cookies and other similar technology on our websites. 

“Computers” when used in this policy refers to computers, smartphones, tablets and all other devices used for accessing the internet.  


Cookies are small text files placed and stored on your computer when you visit a website. Cookies perform several useful functions that includes:

  • Enabling a user to be recognised
  • Improving a website’s security
  • Improving the user’s experience

Cookies are either:

  • Session specific (Cookies deleted from your computer once the session and browser are closed)
  • Permanent (Cookies remain resident on your computer until they are removed)

Cookies our website uses

Our website uses permanent cookies. We ask for your consent to use cookies when you visit our website and our site may use the any of the following groups of cookies:

  • Process; To help make a website function and deliver the services that the website visitor expects to receive, such as navigation, access to secure areas etc. These cookies are necessary and allows the website to function properly.
  • Preference; Allows a website to remember a user’s preferences in relation to the website such as language, font size, currency, region etc. These cookies while not vital help enhance a user’s experience.
  • Security; Used to authenticate uses to prevent fraudulent use of login credentials, protect user data from unauthorised parties etc. These cookies are vital to PACLIN’s website
  • Analytics; To collect information in any anonymous form about how a user interacts with a website. This information may include the number of users visiting the website, pages a user visits, the activity of the user on the website, and how often the user frequents the website.

Consent/ Choice with respect to cookies

As a default, most browsers are set to accept cookies. However, if you do not wish to consent to cookies being stored on your computer, you are able to block all or certain cookies by changing your browser settings. If you decided to block cookies, you may experience interruption or delays to your browsing experience and may be unable to use or access certain areas of a website.

For details on what your browser offers and how to configure your browser accordingly, please go to the “Help” menu or other dedicated section of your internet browser

Additional information

More information regarding cookies generally and how cookies can be controlled can be found at 

Note: If your computer is used by more than one user, or has multiple internet browsers, it is possible that some of your choices relating to cookies may not be permanent due to:

  • Use of different browser
  • Third party has changed the settings of your browser

We are unable to control these factors and therefore cannot guarantee the permanence of the choice you make

Monitoring technology used on our websites

Occasionally, we may use monitoring technology to track and monitor your activities on our website. This technology does not monitor your activities on any other websites. 

The purpose of such technology is to collect and store information on how you access and use our websites (i.e. when and for how long you accessed our website, and what pages were browsed.) 

Some information collected is anonymous, statistical data and some information is regarding your activities as an individual user. We monitor and track your activities this way for a variety of purposes that includes compliance with our regulatory and legal obligations, as well as to provide better services to you. The information collected may also be used for marketing purposes. 

Your choice in marketing

You may withdraw your consent to the use of your personal data for marketing purposes by submitting a request to PACLIN using the contact details stated in our Data Protection Notice.

Queries and updates

If you have any queries relating to this Cookie Policy, please email or

Note: This Cookie Policy may be updated at any time