About - Paclin

Headquartered in Singapore, PACLIN has come a long way from it’s humble roots in 1990 to evolve into the leading card manufacturer and ID system solutions for the past three decades. The company’s unwavering commitment for continuous growth and excellence has allowed PACLIN to set up branches in Kuala Lumpur (1998) and Penang (2009).

PACLIN offers the right blend of services in card manufacturing and ID systems to exceed the diversity of their customer’s needs. Thus, PACLIN has now served well over 3,000 customers from markets that reached all ASEAN states,the African continent, and distant countries in the Indian Ocean such as Bhutan, Iran and Sri Lanka.

With companies located in Singapore and Malaysia, PACLIN has become the forefront of the installations of ID printing systems, predominately dealing with security-related products and services such as staff passes, visitor management systems and event registration systems. This is achieved using unsurpassed highly secure identification and document presentation systems.

PACLIN has grown to be a pioneer in its field, evidently as the Master Distributor of Magicard printers (UK) in South-East Asia, as well as Exclusive Sole Distributorship the company holds with accounts from USA, China, Hong Kong, Australia,Italy and South Korea.

Why Paclin?

Where expert card and ID printing solutions meet present and future needs, PACLIN is recognised as a leader across it’s portfolio, so compromise will never have to be an option for you.

Vision and mission

PACLIN’s brand vision is to be a dynamic regional leader of integrated, innovative, cost effective card manufacturing and ID security solutions that meet and exceed client’s evolving security requirements.

Core Beliefs

Customer Centrism – Developing relationships that make a positive difference by exceeding their customer’s needs through the quality and reliability in our services

Integrity – Reputation is what makes a company and PACLIN upholds the highest level of integrity by taking responsibility and accountability in the work and services provided

Innovation and Performance – Relentless strive to continuous improvement through pro-active learning and the development of new concepts to optimise benefits to both the organisation and customers

Why choose Paclin?

  • Professionalism: When people choose wearable ID solutions (RFID, name cards, staff passes, lanyards, name
    tags), it usually features the company’s colours and logo. These ID solutions are then worn by the employees which set a certain tone of uniformity and professionalism.
  • Branding: Depending on the design of your ID solutions, it can become a powerful branding tool for your company. Apart from the employee’s name, the company’s logo and corporate colours are also given adequate prominence that will subtly help with your marketing efforts.
  • Loyalty:Using ID solutions will help customers easily identify the employee assisting them and put your staff on
    first-name basis with them. This often creates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that allows customers to know the people that foster a culture of belonging. This in turn builds loyalty and results in a higher likelihood of repeat business.
  • Customer service: For employees, especially those who work in the frontline, both their reputation and the company’s image are at stake. As such, there is a greater tendency for them to provide a higher level of good quality customer service.