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ID Card Care

Caring for Your ID Cards

ID cards are worn on a regular day to day basis by countless number of employees in their respective field. ID cards do play a very important role in keeping employees in check as well as a good way to identify or introduce yourself to others. As such, it is important to always keep them in good condition. Here are some tips on how to care for your ID cards.

Consider Card Holder

ID card holder is able to do its job pretty well in keeping your ID cards safe and protected. This in turn helps avoid them from getting scratched, chipped or cracked which is important especially if your id has those magnetic strips that need to be scanned. Id cards can often come with a lanyard making them easy to wear around your neck at any given time. Lanyard card holder comes in different sizes and shapes and is relatively easy to find. Look for lanyard supplier Singapore to provide you with such items.

Avoid Exposure to Direct Sunlight, Excessive Heat and Electromagnetic Fields
As mentioned earlier, there are some ID cards that have magnetic strips in them. Sunlight and heat can damage these strips which can render them unusable. The same can also be said with electromagnetic fields such as microwaves, televisions, telephones and stereos as they can damage these ID cards just as well.

Clean ID Cards From Time to Time

Regular use and exposure can lead to oil from your fingers to build up on the card. As such, it is necessary to clean them from time to time with an alcohol wipe.
There are some minor things that you can do to keep your ID cards clean such as changing washing or changing lanyards on a regular occasion. Fortunately, you will find tons of supply at lanyards Singapore and there are also lanyard printing Singapore that provides customization with such items.

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