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Rio Pro Xtended ID Card Printer

The event professional’s choice for long format card printing.


Built on Magicard’s successful Rio Pro platform, the Rio Pro Xtended ID card printer allows users to print cards up to 140mm long. It has an adjustable back card hopper, updated mechanics and the same size, speed and features as the Rio Pro. With the ability to print card sizes that measure up to 56mm longer than a standard CR80 card, it is a perfect tool for retail and event operations.

Key Features


Rio Pro Xtended ID Card Printer personalises extra-long plastic cards for ticketing, accreditation and product labeling. Long format cards provide more design options and superior visibility and as such are widely used for security badges at sports and music events. Superior card printing quality is enhanced by ICC profiles that seamlessly map colours between the software and printer.


Magicard’s patented HoloKote security technology adds a watermark to the card as it is printed. It requires no additional consumables and can be customiised to an individual logo design, enabling true security at minimal cost.


Cards up to 4.33″ long can be printed entirely in full colour using the double-printing mode. The printer can also handle pre-printed cards up to 5.51″ long, printing a CR80 sized (3.38 x 2.12″) area in full colour in a single pass or an area up to 4.33 x 2.12″ using double-printing. In monochrome mode, the entire length of a 5.51 x 2.12″ card can be printed. The card feeder is adjustable from 3.38 to 5.51″ length. Also available is a variant for 1.97″ wide cards, typically used for product labeling.

The Rio Pro Xtended ID Card Printer is ideal for:

World Sporting Events

Concerts and Special Events

Festivals and Conventions

Security Badges


ID card from Rio Pro Xtended ID card printer