The Lanyard Identity

Many of us are possessing id cards for work, school and identification purposes. What if one day, we have misplaced it or even lost it on an important day? We might just fall into a limbo similar to that of a famous Hollywood movie about a man losing his identity then he moves around hitting people and making a mess get back his identity. Yes, you guessed it right.

The simplest of things is that the smallest identity can make a big difference. Make your company or business look more professional. Customizing the little things that are common amongst your staff.  These would allow more branding to your company and a sense of belonging to your company.

Card holders do play a part in establishing a standard form of identity in the organization. These convenient and important ID card holders are long lasting and they protect the ID card for the long term. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes you can choose from, these Id card holders serve as a good quality companion your staff can take along with them wherever they are.

To complement these card holders, get a printed lanyard which comes in different colours and sizes. Plus,  get your lanyard customized to any colour, design, text or even logos to names as well. These lanyards come in different materials too. These materials include polyester, satin-like polyester and polyester fabric. You can even choose from a wide range of clips and hooks that connect your card holder and the lanyard in place.

The amount of importance given to losing your identity or id card in this case in many big organizations may lead to a major disaster (replace fees perhaps). Thus, equip your staff, yourself or even young school children for their EZ-link cards with these id card holders with customized lanyards.