Peak Premise Security is Possible

The future where everything is automated and computerised. Moving into one space and another will be much easier and less of a hassle. The introduction of EZ link cards, biometric systems, and many other innovations are taking its place in key installations’ entry points.

At this time and age, anything unfortunate can happen in your office building. One has to ensure a good record keeping is in place to manage and track human activity in your premise. From your lobby to the roof have a detailed knowledge of who is in building with Visitor Management System.

In a case of fire, for example, we can determine if everyone is accounted for while evacuating the premise. If such incidents occur, the only way we can track these manually would be the CCTV footage of entry and exits of the visitors and the hard copy entries of details of visitors.

The process of the Visitor management system is similar to many visitor registration systems in government buildings and places of high security. This visitor management system by Easy Lobby functions in a more sophisticated fashion. The visitor has to furnish his/her identification card to the scanner which then reflects their particulars on the Easy Lobby software automatically. This is also coupled with a headshot of the visitor through an on-site digital web camera. The company can then issue labels or even rewriteable cards to the visitor allowing them access to the premise. In this way, the human data is collected in a more streamlined system rather than having hard copies in forms and books.

This new software that enhances security can be an asset to the company as it provides a security solution and a database which tracks and manages the inflow and the outflow of outsiders into the company’s building.

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ID Card Printing

ID Card Printing