Benefits of Using Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System is defined by the website as the system of tracking the usage of a public building or site by visitors or on-employees. A visitor management system can record the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor’s whereabouts, by gathering increasing amounts of information.

In this day and age, a Visitor Management System is regularly used to supplement building security systems and access control. These systems are taking possession of many of the functions of building security and access control, as electronic visitor management systems become more common and more powerful. There are several benefits as to the usage of a Visitor Management System.

First is the improve productivity, in where visitors and groups can be pre-registered prior to their visit by means of using a web pre-registration module. Also, it improves data accuracy in where it scans the driver’s license or business card of the visitors quickly and accurately auto-populate the visitor data. Visitor Management System enhances the company image as well, due to professional badges and streamlined visitor processing. Another benefit of this system is the improved visitor service in where visitors are processed quickly thus doing away with lobby lines, by means of the pre-registration. Last on the list of benefits provided, is the control emergency response in which evacuation reports at the push of a button lets the company management to know all non-employees on the premises in case of evacuation.

In monitoring and recording the visitor information, a basic computer or electronic visitor management systems is used. This electronic visitor management system develops upon most of the negative points of a pen and paper system. Visitor ID can be checked against national and local databases, as well as in-house databases for potential security problems.

There is a new alternative to visitor management software, and that is an on-line, web based visitor management system offered as a service. SaaS visitor management software allows landlords and managers to remotely control and monitor access rights without the need to pass physical keys and keycards to new tenants.