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Helix ID Card Printer

The World’s first re-transfer printer with built-in visual security.


Heliz, where identity begins.

Combining high definition print quality with an intelligent interface and in-line visual security, Helix is the new foundation of trusted identity.

Helix introduces Magicard’s latest visual security breakthrough. An evolution of the famous HoloKoteâ„¢ watermark, HoloKote+â„¢ adds a security feature or logo to the card at the point of printing (Patent Pending). Designed to work with the re-transfer process, HoloKote+ exploits the wavelengths and lens effect of the re-transfer film to fluoresce under UV lighting conditions.

Key features

Intuitive touch screen interface with print preview and troubleshooting animations.

Field-upgradable to double-sided printing.

Superior print quality.

1000 capacity ribbons and 200 capacity hoppers.

Easy load film cassettes to eliminate contamination.



ID card from Helix ID card printer